Plugins Organization

There is two plugin families:

There is two main series of plugins, depending on the Eclipse version:

A table of the current vailability is maintained here.

Core technology plugins

Java2D for SWT (org.holongate.j2d) | v2.X

This plugin is the foundation of the system and provides seamless integration of the Java2D features within SWT.
Some platforms have a prebuilt native accelerarion library packaged as fragments who are named as org.holongate.j2d.*, with '*' matching the window system on which SWT is running (i.e. win32, gtk, motif as of today).
Optionally, support for SVG, GEF and JAI files is provided throught additional plugins:

Batik Support (org.apache.batik) | v1.5.1

This plugin is an Eclipse packaging of the Batik distribution: there is no dependency with any other plugin, it then can be used on its own.
Comes with all the original libraries so that you can reuse it independently of the Java2D for SWT framework.

Java Advanced Imaging support ( | v1.1.2

This plugin is a direct workbench packaging of the Sun Microsystems Java Advanced Imaging.
Like the Batik plugin, this one can also be used outside the framework.

GEF and Draw2d support (org.holongate.draw2d, org.holongate.gef) | v2.X.0

Those fragments must be installed along with the  GEF plugin v2.1.X to make GEF and Draw2d use the Java2D rendering engine instead of SWT.

User level plugins

Imaging (org.holongate.imaging) | v2.X

This simple plugin uses the Java Advanced Imaging and Batik libraries to browse many image formats.
It provides a thumbnail view and a simplified image editor. You can move the image and use different kinds of zoom method.

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